WIFI Hotspot & Wireless Bridge

Business Wifi Hotspot is a great way to Attract and Maintain Customers to your business establishment. Get your Business WIFI Hotspot Connected.


LiveForce deploys Long Range High Speed Wireless Networks running on 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands to keep you connected in multi-location and long range applications. Speeds up to 300mpbs provide the required bandwidth for public Wifi Hotspot, HD Network Video Surveillance, POS Systems, and Long Range Wireless Networks.

Wireless Wifi Network Features include:

  • High Speed Wireless Connection

    High Speed Transfer Rates up to 300mpbs allow for public and high bandwidth private usage.

  • Secure, Encrypted Wireless Networks

    Multiple SSIDs, support for public and private encryption keys. Protect your information!

  • High Speed Rural Internet Connection Sharing

    No ISP Provider? We deploy 3G/LTE Highspeed Wireless Networks in Rural areas.

Our Wireless Network Solutions include:
Outdoor Wifi Access Point

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  • Public/Private Wifi Hotspots

    The Demand for Wifi Internet friendly areas is rising. Customers want to stay connected on the go, whether pay-per-use or pro-longing their stay in your establishment. Employees can also take benefit of Private Wifi Networks as management can directly communicate with its employees. Honeywell Burglar Alarm

  • Building-to-Building Wifi Bridge

    A Wireless Bridged Network allows for High Speed Internet & Secured Private Intranet Access between your business locations. Avoid hassle of re-wiring buildings or being subjected to slow landline ISPs in areas which high speed broadband is unavailable. Professional Burglar Alarm Installation

  • Wireless Security Camera Surveillance

    Wireless Networks are a great advantage in Long Range Security Surveillance applications, where wire running is not feasible or possible. This solution will allow you to monitor areas that were thought of to be isolated and impossible to set up camera systems. For remote locations, Solar Power Supply is also an option.Professional Burglar Alarm Installation

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